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  • Pricing varies on the amount of waste, frequency of pick-up, and the proximity of a provider. Containers come in numerous sizes and price ranges, depending on the incorporation of sharps, the price will increase. Most companies we serve pay from $25.00 to $65.00 per monthly pick-up per unit. Of course, more units and greater frequency will lower the cost per unit.
  • Collection containers can be as small as a 17 gallon box and increase in size from there. Biomedical waste must be out of the way from the general public as well as high traffic areas with personnel. So, instead of asking what size containers a medical waste collection company offers, let the company work around your available space and waste expectancy. Once again, depending on your situation, a 17 gallon box, 30 gallon tub or outside receptacle might be necessary.
  • Generally, the terms of service will last 12 months. However, make sure that you can break service with at least a 30 day notice. Also, make sure that the service agreement does not automatically renew after the 12 month term without notifying you first!
  • Biomedical waste generators that produce less than 25 pounds of biomedical waste in a 30 day period are eligible for an exemption from the Florida Department of Health permit and permit fee.

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