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“It is in this moment you have the power to be the solution”
lleana Kane, The Business of Customer Experience.

Biomedical Transport Solutions is a qualified medical waste collection firm that is dedicated to providing a professional service and an extraordinary relationship to our North Central Florida clientele and community.

We will always put your business first because you are our main priority!

The operators of Biomedical Transport Solutions would like to emphasize that we are NOT a trauma scene clean-up entity. However, we are prompt, reliable, and adept at collecting and transporting medical waste, bio-hazardous material, chemotherapeutic excess, and other regulated refuse. Because of this, your disposal needs are never secondary obligations.

Biomedical Transport Solutions is a LOCALLY owned and operated company. We do not cut corners to increase shareholder profits or quarterly price margins. To us, Biomedical Transport Solutions is much more than a company; it is a passion, just like your own practice. Therefore, we are devoted to upholding a cost-effective and valued service.

Biomedical Transport Solutions offers flexible service agreements and a fixed flat rate that will never change unless you want to upgrade or minimize your service. We understand that you require reliable and proficient medical waste collection at reasonable prices. It is no coincidence that Biomedical Transport Solutions is the solution to all of your biomedical transport needs: “It’s in the name!”

Call BTS at 866-279-1757 for more information.

Send us an email info@biomedicaltransportsolutions.com or click here to request free evaluation and quote.